Soni Martin's Studio
As an artist I am engaged in an effort to incorporate the expressive power of the medium with my interests in duality, contradictions and resolve, tension and balance, the present and a memory, and metaphors. In the last ten years I have focused on these themes in the area of printmaking and sculpture. Most recently the theme of night and day as a metaphor.

Each print has a flattened, monochromatic, representational image of an ordinary place I visited or thing(s) I am familiar. The representational portion is intentionally mundane, diagrammatic. The larger area in many of these works is an open ended and free association response to the representational image, the medium, and the preliminary idea before I began the print.

The proportionally larger abstract space is juxtaposed to create pictorial tension of seemingly unlike things – although for me they relate. A preoccupation with the formal the elements of shape and color can move away from opacity in some works; giving way to transparency. A painterly approach to the monoprint can often be supplanted with a minimalist approach.

*At this time my website is under construction as I begin to document a recent commission to co-ordinate my team of artists for North Carolina Veteran's Park in Fayetteville, North Carolina - the Casting of Hands.